The Town of Queensbury Backyard Compost Bin Sale is now closed.

If you placed an order please remember that the only pickup date is Saturday June 26, 2021 (details at the bottom of this store.)  If you missed the sale we will have a limited amount of extras available - on a first come first served basis.   Happy Composting!

Why Compost?

Composting is a great way to reduce the amount of organic waste going into landfills which negatively contribute​s to climate change.  Composting can save money and resources by reducing your trash. The result is a healthier earth, no more smelly garbage ​and free nutrient rich soil.  Food and other organic wastes in Warren County trash ​constitutes up to 40% of the waste stream.  Food waste that decomposes in a landfill creates methane, a greenhouse gas which at most landfills is released directly into the atmosphere through vents.  Methane is more potent than carbon dioxide as a warming greenhouse gas, and contributes to climate change.

Composting is easy to do and has ​many benefits.  By tossing in your food scraps (veggies, grains, fruits) with an equal ​or greater amount of brown organics (leaves, twigs, dried grass, etc.)​, rich compost is created.  Using compost on your yard and garden​s returns valuable nutrients to ​the soil, help​ing​ recharge and maintain soil quality.  Naturally fertilizing plants with compost replac​es the need for harmful ​fertilizers and chemicals.  Everyone has food scraps and ​by composting organic waste you can make a difference.

Order your compost bin today and ​start composting!  For more information about backyard composting, please refer to the Composting link on the Town of Queensbury website  and also to the EPA website.

Want to learn more?  Check out 'The Compost Story' video. 

Warren County encourages residents to visualize your banana peels, watermelon rinds, veggie cuttings, bread and other grains, not as garbage, but as valuable resources to be incorporated into a backyard compost system, minimizing the amount of organic materials headed to the landfill or incinerator.  


“In nature nothing is ever wasted. Waste from one organism is food for another. Zero waste means better overall health for everyone.”
“The earth is in your hands”


Pickup 9am - 12pm at the Queensbury Town Hall (742 Bay Road, Queensbury, NY). Enter parking lot at the Haviland Road entrance.

Education and demonstration on how to set up and use the compost bin will be provided.

Please make alternate arrangements for someone else to pickup the item(s) if you cannot be there on the 26th during pickup times. 

Questions related to purchasing: Jeffrey with BrandBuilders phone: 800-842-0527.  We do not make any warranty or representation, expressed or implied, regarding the items offered for sale by BrandBuilders, LLC. Purchasers must direct any questions, claims or disputes regarding their purchase to BrandBuilders, LLC. Purchases not picked up August 26th may be donated and used for educational purposes unless we are promptly notified. 


742 Bay Road Queensbury, NY

Pick-Up Details - ONE DAY ONLY

Saturday June 26, 2021

9am - 12pm